Bon Appetit Wendy Ingorvaia!

Wendy Ingorvaia is an accomplished real estate professional living in New York City.  When she isn’t doing work with real estate, however, she enjoys cooking.  Far and away, Wendy’s favorite food to cook is Italian.  Although it’s only the size of the state of California, Italy is a region with a wide variety of delicious regional cuisines, making it an exciting cuisine for anybody with an interest in cooking, such as Wendy Ingorvaia.

Since the time of ancient Rome, Italians have had a great fondness for food and cooking.  As Italy was exposed to different cultures over the course of its history, its cuisine has also developed.  In ancient Rome, the cooking was strongly influenced by the Greeks, who lived in southern Italy and Sicily.  It’s believed that Italian cuisine as we know it today started in medieval Sicily, where Arab, Mediterranean and Germanic cultures collided to create a rich, unique style of food.  Italian cooking changed significantly after the discovery of the Americas, as potatoes, bell peppers and tomatoes, all of which have since become staples of Italian cooking.

Italian food was first brought to America in the late 19th century, when Italian immigrants, specifically from Sicily and the south, began arriving to the US en masse.  These immigrants settled across the country, but particularly in the Northeast around New York and New England.  To this day, these regions of the country have some of the best Italian food outside of Italy.  It was here, growing up in greater New York City, that Wendy Ingorvaia was first exposed to Italian cuisine and cooking.  The city is considered to be the birthplace of pizza in America, after Italian immigrant Gennaro Lombardi opened a pizzeria in Little Italy in 1905.

Nowadays, many Italian dishes have become a huge part of American culture.  Pizza, spaghetti with meatballs and sausage with peppers are almost as American as hamburgers and hot dogs.  While such dishes are far and away the most well-known staples of Italian-American cooking, they barely scratch the surface when it comes to authentic Italian food.  Wendy Ingorvaia, as a cooking enthusiast, is dedicated to finding these more unique parts of Italian cuisine and integrating them, so that she can create delicious, authentic Italian dishes.